Wondering why Dubai is blessed? Well, basically it has a lot to do with nature yet the way they have carried out everything in an organized manner. Why Dubai is flooded with tourists throughout the year? The reason is pretty much obvious since it has phenomenal indoor and outdoor activities and a wide range of variety too. Let’s discuss something of the desert landscape Dubai is blessed with. The desert safari which is later portioned into morning desert safari, evening and overnight. Despite being right in the middle of an enormous Arabian desert, Dubai doesn’t let down the tourists with something unique. The morning desert safari is one heck of an adventure only 45 minutes drive from Dubai.


The tremendous desert with color variation throughout is the reason one admires it so much. You can’t even expect what’s next in the huge desert safari. But here we need to tell something regarding the morning desert safari which is pretty much filled with peace yet adventure at the same time. Basically, there is a variety of people some are fond of mornings but some are not. I can say without a doubt that if you spend your morning by the desert your perception about mornings can definitely change. You can’t say your day is wasted while you are in the desert because there is a lot to do which is discussed further, from the dunes to the camp.


Your morning desert safari starts with a roller coaster ride making you feel fully awakened. The energy and spirit are at the utmost when you are in the car since it has turns and jumps and slides down the red sand dunes. The sand is so fascinating at the desert that it leaves you speechless for a while, I’m not even exaggerating. The speed limit doesn’t apply here since the thrill is expected if the car speeds up and that’s what one wants. The morning desert safari energizes everyone with the dune bashing as the commencement.


You can’t get away without being on the camel and enjoy the swaying ride. Morning desert safari welcomes you to have an amazing time on the creature while you can witness the desert and its vastness. It is simply hard to accept how the nomads use to travel on the camels across the desert which is never-ending. The camel ride almost is for 20 minutes but the camel safari is for a long time where you get to see wildlife and much more at the morning desert safari.


Navigating around the desert on your own is a good feeling where you have a lot of freedom. Sand skiing is popular amongst everyone who comes for a morning desert safari, no one wants to miss it. You can take along a tripod and camera to capture the gliding journey across the desert and enjoy it.  For further details, you can visit