Spring brings new hope when all nature awakens after the winter rest. It is the favourite season of many people. It is also the time when people usually resume travelling after the winter break. Still, some places are better to welcome spring than others. ITS DMC Poland prepared for us a list of five places where spring is prettier than in other areas. Check the most charming spring destinations in Poland and fall in love with this central European country.

The best places to welcome spring in Poland by ITS DMC Poland

  1. Hortulus Thematic Gardens
  2. Chocho
  3. l
  4. owska Valley
  5. Poznan Botanical Gardens
  6. Wroclaw Japanese Gardens
  7. Arkadia Park

Hortulus Thematic Gardens

They are located in northern Pomerania region of Poland between Kolobrzeg and Koszalin agglomerations. They have been established 25 years ago and include cluster of thematic gardens and spectacular maze. They are open to visitors from early spring till winter. In total Hortulus Gardens can boast over 6,000 species and varieties of plants, including exotic and unique ones. Visitors will find here nearly 30 different, separate themed gardens spread over an area of over 4 hectares. For instance, tourists will discover here the following gardens: rocky, forest, Japanese, French, English, Mediterranean, Senses, Gaudi, Scent, Rosary and many others. Apart from plants, there are elements of architecture and garden art carefully integrated into the vegetation: sculptures, gazebos, bridges, lakes and ponds. In spring from April to May, visitors can admire a fabulous flower spectacle. Thousands of tulips, narcissus, hyacinths bloom, in all possible colours, original and unusual shapes, filling all the corners of the gardens. ITS DMC Poland especially recommends the colour gardens with warm and cold colours.

Chocholowska Glade

It is located in the Tatra National Park close to Zakopane town, the best well-known mountain resort in the country. Chocholowska Valley is about 8 kilometres long and usual tourist trail ends in Mountain Shelter in Chocholowska Glade from where in spring tourists can admire unusual spectacle. It is a vast, picturesque glade surrounded with high alpine type of mountains with historic shepherds’ houses that in early spring gets totally covered with violet crocuses. It is probably the most often photographed place in spring in Poland and one of the most often photographed places in all Tatra mountains. Great advantage of Chocholowska Glade is that the tourist route leading to it is almost flat along all the valley, so it is quite easy to get there. ITS DMC Poland advices for less fit tourists to get horse cart or bicycle for a part of a trip to Chocholowska Glade to avoid tedious trekking.

Poznan Botanical Gardens

Adam Mickiewicz University Botanical Garden is situated in the western part of Poznan agglomeration, the capital of Greater Poland region in the centre of Poland. Botanical Gardens here have 10 thematic zones. Currently, the AMU Botanical Garden covers an area of 21.94 hectares, with over 6,000 species, subspecies and varieties of plants from almost all climatic zones of the Earth. They are particularly spectacular in spring but they are popular among Poznan inhabitants all year long. One of the most popular all year elements of the complex include greenhouses with exotic plants and fish species. ITS Poland DMC also suggests to visit the palm house souvenir shop where tourists can purchase interesting plants and spices. It is possible to sightsee the gardens with a guide.

Wroclaw Japanese Gardens

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is situated just by the famous Centennial Hall enlisted at prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. ITS DMC Poland recommends to join sightseeing of Japanese Gardens with a visit in the Centennial Hall, Four Domes Pavilion Modern Art Museum or Wroclaw Zoo with Africarium that lay really close by. The garden was established in 1913 but in 1996 during revitalization process it gained the new glamour. During the revalorization of the garden, master gardeners, architects of stone arrangements, garden architects and many other people worked, thanks to whom the Japanese Garden in Wroclaw gained the splendour and beauty of Japanese culture. Thanks to the presence of Japanese specialists, each project and all work related to decorating the garden, even the smallest detail corresponds to the original Japanese art of garden design. The Japanese Garden in Wroclaw, particularly beautiful in spring is a substitute for real Japanese culture where tourists can spend time between the alleys leading through the entire complex. They can sit on the shore of the pond and enjoy the rays of the afternoon sun, watching the passing clouds reflect in the water surface, and admire huge Koi carps, showing their beauty and livelihood teeming under the water.

Arkadia Park

Romantic Garden and Arkadia Park are located close to the Polish capital Warsaw. It is also located by Nieborow Palace. ITS DMC Poland claims it is only natural to combine sightseeing these two places together. The history of the park is inextricably linked with the person of Helena Radziwillowna who established the park and continued works on it till her death in 1820. This one of the most influential women of the era (the lover of the last king of Poland) has arranged a beautiful park in her estate in line with the latest European trends. The Duchess brought sculptures and monuments to her “land of happiness”, creating one of the few museums here. Arkadia is inspired by the Greek culture, it is a land where, according to the Greeks, happy shepherds were to live. Still, the establishment itself was in line with the concept of an English garden. Attempts were made to replace artificial Baroque arrangements (French garden) with arrangements close to natural ones. However, as the years go by, romanticism enters the park. There are references to the Middle Ages (Gothic House) and patriotic motives. The best time to visit the park is in spring to see the greenery in its most radiant form.

Summing up, there are many places where people can welcome spring and observe enchanting awakening of nature after its winter rest. Still, it is a great idea to do it in one of the above-mentioned places which highlight the power of flora and enchant with multitude of plant species and delight with colours and scents feeding all our senses. If any of the above places caught your interests, feel free to contact ITS DMC Poland company, that is a renowned travel agent to Poland, operating since 2005. The professional group specialists there will help you to organize the best possible trip to Poland. Start your Polish adventure still today!