Goa is one of the most well-loved destinations for holidays in India. For many, it is a dream to spend a holiday in Goa with their best buddies without having to worry about work or any other matter. It is the same for me too. Golden sands adorning the shores of beautiful beaches of the city not only provide aesthetic pleasure but also rejuvenate the soul. I have been residing in Bangalore for the past five years and due to workload, I couldn’t spend a single holiday all this while. But, last month, I somehow managed a few days off at work and immediately utilised the time to pay a visit to Goa. I booked a ticket for myself from the myriad of Bangalore to Goa flights available online and executed the entire trip in a day. Although the plan was made in a rush, with perfect planning, I had the most fun time in this dream destination. Given below is a brief itinerary of how I spent my 24 hours in Goa.

Breakfast at Radisson Blu Resort

Poolside breakfast arrangement at Radisson Blu Hotel

The Radisson chain of executive hotels has always been one of my top preferences for accommodation and meals. The hospitality staff was kind enough to deal with billings late at night since mine was a midnight flight. The next morning, I was greeted with a sumptuous platter of breakfast and a glass of fruit juice. After a late-night flight and mild jetlag, this was more than I had been hoping for. I savoured the delicious food with a view of the pristine sea, thanks to the hotel’s wonderful location on Cavelossim Beach. I had a long day planned ahead of this, and the food simply got me all the more excited for the same.

Witnessed Vagator Beach from the Chapora Fort

Vagator Beach view from Chapora Fort

After having a fulfilling breakfast, I hired myself a car and headed over to Vagator Beach. This beach is surrounded by rocky terrain and is overlooked by the ruins of the Chapora Fort. Nature and history come together here and are blended in a serene cascade of greenery. Since I reached here early in the morning, there weren’t many visitors around, and so, the place was mostly empty. I chose a high platform in the Fort to sit and witness the majestic view of Vagator Beach from there. The sky was clear and scattered with cottony white clouds and it was extremely pleasant to watch. Cool winds made the atmosphere feel a lot more beautiful than it already was.

Went on a historical endeavour at Old Goa

The alluring view of Bom Basilica at Old Goa

My next plan was to go on a historical endeavour at Old Goa. As I drove to Old Goa, I came across various aspects of Portuguese and Konkani history. This section of the town is filled with beautiful cathedrals and churches. The famous one among these is the Bom Basilica which has been designed from inspirations of the Baroque style of architecture. This is also a revered spot for Christians from all over the world since it houses the remains of Late St. Francis Xavier. As I strolled by the streets, I also witnessed the beautifully painted houses in sombre shades of white and pastels. The Wishing Well and the Gitanjali Art Gallery are two of the other spots I visited here.

Had lunch at Mum’s Kitchen

The entrance at Mum’s Kitchen

After a few hours of Old Goa exploration, it was time for lunch. So, I went to a quaint little eatery at Miramar Road in Panjim to try out the local cuisine. I went to Mum’s Kitchen and was quite impressed by their wide variety of menu items being served at pocket-friendly rates. I ordered a platter of local delicacies that included Mushroom Xacuti, Goan Prawn Curry, Chorizo Chilli and steamed rice and all of them tasted delectable. Each of the dishes was cooked with utmost care and expertise and was presented in a very professional manner. It was almost 4 pm by the time I had finished lunch, and thus, I decided to head over to Miramar Beach for a classic view of the setting sun.

Watched Sunset and shopped at Miramar Beach

Captivating view of Sunset at Miramar Beach

As soon as I reached, I found a deserted spot on the beach away from the crowd and clicked pictures of the surroundings and watched the sunset to my heart’s content. It was nothing less than a magical sight. As soon as the dusk started setting in, several little shops came up along the shore of Miramar. The shops sold almost everything that you can think of such as accessories, bangles, bags, dresses, gadgets, snacks, jewelleries and little trinkets which were perfect for souvenirs. Since I love shopping, it was tough to resist the urge and so, I ended up buying some bags and a dress for myself. I also got some souvenirs for my colleagues in Bangalore. Then, I drove back to the hotel, had my dinner at the in-house restaurant and concluded the day.

Here’s hoping that you will find this itinerary of mine helpful while you plan to visit Goa next time. It was an astounding experience for me and I am sure it will be yours too.