While there are many methods to travel the world and explore various destinations, cruise trips remain some of the most popular, time-tested ways to traverse the globe and see beautiful new locations and make new memories. European River Cruises offer cruise-goers a chance to see stunning European destinations and visit some of their best attractions that invite people from all around the world. Cities like Paris, Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Budapest, and more are the perfect places to unwind and spend valuable vacation time with your friends and family.

If you are new to world travel and have very little prior experience in planning your trips, choosing and booking a European River Cruise can be a challenging task. With a wide range of countries, cities, rivers, cruise lines, and itineraries to choose from, finalizing your travel preferences can be extremely daunting. Read on as we take a closer look at the things you need to keep in mind while booking a European River Cruise.

European River Cruise Options

You can choose from one of the many travel itineraries available at Authentic Voyages based on your choice of European river, city, or country. You can also choose between different cruise lines, including Uniworld, Scenic, and Viking River Cruise lines. Each cruise line offers unique itineraries, with each itinerary having different ports of call and start/endpoints. 

Cruise Length

The ideal cruise length for most cruise-goers is seven to ten days. For most locations that lie along the European Rivers, one week is sufficient time to explore multiple destinations with enough breaks between each adventure to relax and decompress. Cruise trips that are longer than one or two weeks are generally meant for retirees or people who do not get long vacation times. If you are very new to cruise trips, you should try going on a local lake boating trip to see if you would get seasick on the cruise.

Booking a European River Cruise

You can explore various travel itineraries available on the Authentic Voyages website and book your favorite itinerary by visiting the website of your preferred cruise line. Authentic Voyages offers three luxurious cruise lines, namely Viking, Uniworld, and Scenic River Cruises. Each cruise offers luxurious amenities, delicious food, and a wide range of onboard fun activities to make your trip more enjoyable.

When to Book Your Trip?

Due to global lockdowns and international travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, people have not been able to travel via cruises and there is a lot of demand for cruises in Europe as a direct result of the travel restrictions. Most people who paid for 2020-21 trips have readjusted their trips for later seasons or upgraded to better suites, etc.

If you are looking forward to seeing various European destinations on a cruise in the 2022-23 season, you should try to book your spot during the first phase of cruise bookings. Since most cruise vessels will not be sailing at maximum capacity due to pandemic SOPs, it is better to book your spot as early as you can.


European River Cruises are some of the best ways to experience the beautiful natural landscapes, exciting food and entertainment, and stunning architecture in Europe. You can book your trip by visiting the Authentic Voyages website and choosing your favorite travel itinerary for the 2022-23 season.