The city of Pattaya is famous for its night markets. The stalls are open round the clock and the customers are parading the market area finding their own desirable goods from the set of shops. Night markets in Pattaya are quite economical and provide an array of stocks right from food stuffs to linen to footwear. The tourists who visit the beach city of Pattaya plan their visit in such a manner that they keep a good share of time for marketing in the night bazaar of the city. The tourists have the habit of haggling with the prices and the shopkeepers are quite used to such a system of bargaining.

Range of items in night market

The range of items that you ask for is available at night time in the night market. The visitors are served with Thai food styles relevant to the East Thailand lifestyle. The food style of all the four regions of Thailand is served in this Night Market. The visitors appreciate the food corner in this bazaar.  The common items related to accessories like cosmetics, jewellery, hair decorations, footwear accessories are available at reasonable rates.  The cloth items are the most sought after in the market. There are readymade suit lengths that provide a range of daywear and nightwear. The children section is also very attractive and loaded with new stocks.  Tailor-made clothes have a different system of payment.  The consumer has to pay to the tailor one-third of the price and pay later when the tailored clothes fit the consumer. This methodology of payment  is very popular in Pattaya.

Music Contests

The night market of Pattaya also beholds music contests and arranges concerts for the night visitors. The visitors can participate along with their family and win some accolades from the viewers.  Such concerts and music contests are held to make the night market more attractive to the shoppers.