When many people begin planning their trip to Las Vegas, they envision glittering lights, high-end hotels and restaurants. While there is certainly nothing wrong with the traditional trappings of a Las Vegas vacation, more and more people are also realizing that it is the perfect starting point for tours to some of our nation’s most beautiful and spectacular national parks. Because of the proximity of Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion and Monument Valley as well as other national parks in Nevada, California, Utah and Arizona, it turns out that it is not only logical but economical to begin your tour of southwest national parks from Las Vegas. Because of the large number of flights to and from the city, it turns out that in many cases it is far cheaper to fly into Las Vegas than it is to fly into an airport nearer to the national park itself. Because of the continual room deals, promotions and discounts that Las Vegas establishments offer, many tourists have found that for the same price that they would pay for airfare to and from an airport that would feed the Grand Canyon, they can extend their vacation to also include several days and nights in Las Vegas itself.

The most common method of securing these types of savings is to contact one of several tour operators that provide tours to the national park you wish to visit. Most tour operators based in Las Vegas who specialize in national parks tours will provide transportation from your hotel room to and from the area you wish to explore, while also providing guidance and specialized knowledge of the area. Instead of driving upwards of four hours from the city to a place like Bryce or Zion, smart adventurers spend the night in a luxury hotel in the city, are picked up at the door and transported directly to the area they want to explore. They enjoy a guided adventure tour lasting from one to seven days which explores the beauty of some of the most wild and open spaces in America, to then be returned to their hotel to finish their vacation in luxury.

Coordination of your vacation with an adventure tour company in advance is wise due to the fact that tours of southwest national parks are sometimes restricted to certain days and times of year due to heat or weather. Contact the adventure tour company of your choice to arrange your next vacation.