In the certain period of times, people are offered with the special story about dragon. Dragon is called as one of the strongest animal, with flying ability and also fire breath ability. Those abilities are told over the time, make dragon’s image as the strongest animal alive stand still. Then, the dragon is just a myth after all, the myth from China and United Kingdom area. However, in the real life, this animal really exists, even though this animal does not bereath a fire from its mouth or fly in the sky. The existance of this animal is spreaded around the world. Not as same as the fairy tale, but this animal is also called as the only dragon alive. That is Komodo. Komodo is an endemic animal, from the special island named Komodo Islands. Let’s sailing around Komodo Islands.

This island is actually not big enough. The size is only about 390 square kilometre. The location is not famous enough. Not as famous as Bali, or Java Island. This island is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province. Then, for the people’s population, that is not many enough. Why? Because this island’s population is only about 2.000 people. For simple thought, this island is not good enough, either in size and position. However, Komodo, the dragon-called animal that live in this island, take the attention of world to this island. As the endemic island of Komodo, Komodo island has many special thing to offer for the tourists who want to sailing around Komodo Islands Est Nusa Tenggara.

  1. Komodo National Park

Komodo lives in this area, Komodo National Park. As the carnivore animal, Komodo is too dangerous if living in the normal society mixed with other people. Then, this national park is made for Komodo’s living. This national park is also famous enough around the world, even this island had ever been listed as one of the seven wonders of the world. Then, this national park is the most-to-visit place when you are in Komodo Island.

  1. Pink Beach

Well, this island is not that boring with only offering Komodo as its main magnet. For taking a attraction of tourists, an island needs more than one special things from the island. For Komodo Island, this beach become the next spot after seeing the legendary animal. With the pink sand, which is only one in Indonesia, and one of the seven pink beaches in the world, Pink beach also take tourists’ attraction after they learn about Komodo.

Then, this Komodo Islands, the home for the one and only, the dragon, Komodo. In this islands, we do not only see the Komodo, but we can also see many special things. Then, those are the advantages of sailing around Komodo Islands Indonesia. With those things that we can find and see, there is no doubt that this island, Komodo Islands, is one of the best places we can visit when we are in Indonesia. Not only learning about the dragon, Komodo, but we can also learn about other things in this islands.