Talking about Vietnam, if you are interested in traveling to this interesting country along with many amenities along the trip, the group of VietnamCambodia Laos Travel offers everything you need. They have a variety of different packages where you can choose the one you that calls your attention the most, whether you prefer to stay in one city of Vietnam and calmly get to know it or prefer to visitanother places aside Vietnam like Laos or Cambodia. Between the packages that we can choose, there are several styles depending on what everyone wants, we have: package several days designed for a family group, a deluxe package, and a package that will take you to other place besides Vietnam such as Cambodia or Laos. All these packages bring many things including different meals throughout the trip, it can either breakfast or a freshly cooked lunch when you’re on the cruise (that is part of one of the packages as well), there is air, sea and land transport to take us to different locations that are really nice, a select group of professional guides that know the area really well and speak English fluently to communicate with us and help us in case we do not know the local language (as it was in my case, if it was not for the guides I would have had a hard time understanding with the local people) and many other things.

The interesting thing about this is the flexibility they give us, letting us choose as destination Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indochina separately or take several destinations together. If you decide same thing I did, I chose a package where you’re traveling to several different locations, they offer us an itinerary that has a mix of travel and relax days so we get to know the locality, including transport to the airport and back, breakfast among other things that vary depending on what you choose.

For my part I recommend to take the tour of Vietnam and Laos or Vietnam and Cambodia, those are very complete tours and are quite enjoyable, with everything that can be done. Laos has some very beautiful landscapes that will go either in boat or car. Cambodia is also loaded with interesting places full of local culture to visit where your satisfaction is guaranteed. Vietnam is not behind either; it is worth visiting its cities and spendinga couple of days. For this and more reason, I recommend takingthese trips to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.