Lots of rental companies offer deals where you can drive their vehicles between depots for a very small fee. You will be completely covered in terms of insurance and you need to prove that you have a valid driving license. These deals often come up online because they are so popular that waiting lists do not exist.

You will not just drive the van to the depot. Instead, you can turn this van relocation into a mini holiday. How is this possible?

You Can Request To Stop Off At Different Locations

When choosing RV relocation deals in the USA, you might want to stop off at different locations. There may be parts of the country along the route that you have never seen before. You can also use this as an opportunity to see people that you know along the route.

When you apply to drive the van, make sure that you inform them of your intentions in plenty of time. If the route is along the way, then you will be able to incorporate these stop-off points into your overall journey.

You will then turn a routine drop-off exercise into a mini-holiday. You might even want to bring your friends and family along, providing that the company is informed of who is going to accompany you on this kind of trip.

You Can Rent The Vehicle For A Longer Period Of Time

You can also choose to rent the vehicle for a longer period of time. Once this has been verified by the hire company, you can plan what you are going to do. You might want to use the van to go camping, or you might decide that you would like to attend a music festival and you can sleep in the vehicle.

Then the vehicle can be driven to the depot and you can drop off the keys. This is a fantastic opportunity to create a small holiday on a whim. You will create some memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

You Will Save Money On Fuel Expenses

Going on holiday should be about you having to forget about your stresses and worries. Little perks offered by rental companies help to make your mini-holiday much more enjoyable. One of the best things that a rental company can do for you is to fill up the tank with petrol before you leave. You will not have to fill up the tank whilst you are on your holiday, providing that you are economical. When the van is driven to the final destination, you will not have to pay for the tank to be filled up again. This can be a relief and will not leave a hole in your bank balance.

Check with the company that they are going to fill up the tank before you leave on the journey.

You can turn a vehicle relocation into a relaxing mini-holiday when you choose this kind of service.