Riding a bicycle on holiday isn’t usually one of the first things that comes to mind when you’re thinking about having some time away somewhere is it? You may be surprised though that this option has steadily increased as a viable holiday option for more and more people and that those who’ve tried it the one time, have gone on to do it again and again. So, let’s take a look at why this has become an alternative option for a growing number of people:

  1. Getting away from our normal sedentary lives is what a great holiday is always about, and we enjoy getting recharged and then coming back home with a new set of batteries! Cycling is simply a wonderful work out, and you’ll hardly even notice any exertion because you’ll be looking at the wonderful views so up close and personal. You just can’t do that in four wheels.
  2. You’ll get to see more in less time: Walking makes for a terrific hiking holiday where you encounter winding route and steep mountains, but when it comes to places such as the Cotswolds, getting on a cycle is simply the best way to discover and enjoy those rolling hills and flat, vast landscapes,plus you get to cover and see a far greater distance than you would on foot.
  3. Explore the unexplored: Most normal holidays revolve around going to touristy kind of places where people are like bees around a hive. The wonderful thing about cycling holidays is you get to have more freedom to check out the unseen parts of a country’s landscape. Your trip, then becomes more than just a holiday, it has become more of an adventure and you will certainly have a lot more to talk about with friends and colleagues than if you just sat by a pool or on a beach drinking cocktails every day for a week.
  4. Have a nice daily treat: Most people enjoy partaking in some form of indulgent activity whilst on holiday, which can sometimes involve excess amounts of sun or yummy treats. So, why not keep things balanced by keeping active during the day and then later on treating yourself to a nice big dinner or super tasty dessert – you should be able to keep a nice balance going there, ensuring that you won’t get back home looking slightly more rotund than before!
  5. Cost efficiency: Going on a holiday usually sees most of us spending, and often overspending a bit of money, mainly because during the day we as people like to find ways to keep ourselvesentertained. However, on a cycling holiday your humble bicycle becomes your sole source of entertainment. The majority of your time will be used by exploring the surroundings which requires very little spending.

Now you see why bicycling holidays are becoming the thing to do for many people! Whether you do it alone or with a partner or even with family or friends, you will discover a side of holiday life that you will wish you had tried before! Enjoy!