There are many people who are at present living in the United Kingdom without a visa, and rather than spending the rest of your life trying to avoid the authorities, you can seek out expert advice from a UK Immigration specialist. Even if you have applied for asylum and have been refused, there are ways that an immigration specialist can help, and you have nothing to lose by seeking out expert advice. 

Changing Immigration Laws 

The UK immigration laws are in a constant state of change, and by talking to local immigration advisers in Leeds, you might be pleasantly surprised. If your circumstances have changed since you last made contact with UK Immigration, then it is possible that you can legally stay in the country.  

Specific Areas of Assistance 

The UK Immigration adviser can offer assistance with the following: 

  • Changing from one visa to another. 
  • Asylum Applications. 
  • EU Residence Permits. 
  • Entry Clearance for Family Members. 
  • Marriage Applications. 

Avoiding Deportation 

In the event you are held by the authorities for not having a valid visa, you should contact a UK Immigration adviser, who might be able to help you. It could happen at any time, even if you have been in the UK for many years, and by consulting with an Immigration expert, you have the best possible chance of a favourable outcome. 

If you have any visa concerns at all, you can search online for an experienced UK immigration adviser, and they are always willing to do what they can.