Whether you live in Australia and simply want to find a place near home where you can enjoy some relaxation and quiet or you find yourself visiting this part of the world for the first time, Norfolk Island is the destination of choice for millions each year. This beautiful island is absolutely stunning and largely untouched by man, leaving you with bright green landscapes, sweeping ocean views, and unparalleled enjoyment from the moment that you first arrive. This part of the world is exceptionally easy to reach from the Australian mainland and accepts Aussie dollars without issue so you need not worry about converting your money during your time there.


Norfolk Island is home to a wide range of fantastic outdoor activities including everything from tennis and bowling to mountain bike trails and snorkelling opportunities. This is one of the key reasons why it is ideal for any type of couple’s getaway or group travel for a family vacation away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. This is the place that you must go if you want to enjoy some of the most beautiful and untouched views in the world and yet have civilisation only metres away whenever you feel that you want to enjoy a massage or a refreshing cocktail.

The Food

Norfolk Island is home to more than a few fantastic eateries with nearly any type of food that you can imagine available for a low price and cooked to order. Some of the flavours to be found there are only enjoyed on the island and there are a number of Norfolk Island restaurants famous for the delectable main courses, side dishes, and desserts available throughout the year and crafted by well-trained artisans. No matter if you find yourself on the island for leisure or business, you will always need to eat to retain your energy and to continue feeling well during your stay; you have no better place to go for great food than Norfolk Island.


The continent of Australia is already well known for its beautiful beaches and unparalleled locations that overlook the sea and all of its great size but Norfolk Island is home to many of its own unique views. During your stay, you simply must take the time to visit the local beaches, swim with the sea life underneath the waves, and otherwise get plenty of sun as you explore all the hidden treasures of the island. By the time that you complete your stay and begin packing up for the return flight home, you are likely to be putting together your plans for next year’s visit back to the island for another span of unrelenting fun, excitement, adventure, and more that the whole family will love.