In the earlier ages you have travelers who travelled to discover and know without any premonition and were few. In earlier times travelling far and wide was undertaken mainly by learned scholars, seekers of knowledge, adventurers, and conquerors. In todays context objectives of most travel are the same but their forms are different. Most travelling abroad have different objectives. There are students who travel with the objective of learning and acquiring knowledge. Then there are businessmen who travel with the view of expanding business, seeking business opportunities. Then we have livelihood opportunities seekers who move along with businesses from one country to another.

The development of modern economics has brought broad divides among countries economics, you have the developed and developing countries. There are basic economic differences between these economies. Developed countries are less populated but are advanced in economic development. Developing countries are densely populated and are in the process of developing their economies. Thought the divides are narrowing, there is heavy exchange of population around the globe among nations within continents and across continents. A good sign of increasing people coming together. This has brought about travelling abroad more frequently to different destinations of the world.

While travelling has become easier, today due to the prevailing political equations among world nations, the restrictions are becoming harsher. Having the ticket to go will not necessarily secure you the permission to reach equally freedom across nations. You should have passport, the permission to leave ones own country. The process of procuring a passport is a long drawn process. Unless you are visiting a friendly country where you do not need a visa, most countries you have to visit require you to have visas. The purpose of your visit to the host country is defined and also is the period of stay. Then there are visas related to specifics like student visas, business-related, and tourism which depends upon your application for specific purpose.

When you have plans of visit abroad you will have many questions to ask about travelling other than the permission to visit, though it is a first pre-requisite. Ask questions about behaviourial precautions you should take when you move around the places in the social space like, extending courtesies, gestures, and dress code. You should know about the prevalent mannerisms which are very important. While you are restricted by the visa itinerary about your movements, you should take care not to use the freedom of visiting the country to move around at your will. You should also adhere to the general rules and regulations related to the social behavior. Another aspect you should ask questions about is the weather conditions during your visit to those countries along with local dress code. If you are a vegetarian confirm you get that kind of food.

If you are a member of social networking sites, try to ask questions about travelling abroad from your contacts, and also you have the freedom to contact networkers from those countries where you are planning a visit.