As one of the top holiday destinations in Europe, Greece has certainly made its mark on the map – and for good reason. Combining fascinating ancient history and architecture with a whole host of stunning islands, it’s easy to see why Greece continues to be a bucket list destination for travellers worldwide. When it comes to exploring this diverse nation, there’s no better way to see the sights than on a walking tour. As island hopping is almost mandatory for any trip to Greece, travelling by foot allows you to hop on and off the many boats and ferries without a second thought to leaving a vehicle behind. This truly gives you the freedom to explore the country unimpeded. Here are 5 great options for waking tours in Greece:

  1. The Cyclades

In no other destination will you experience the benefits of walking more than the Cyclades. This group of approximately 220 islands is scattered across the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. Here, you can find anything from traditional rural villages to lively hubs of entertainment, allowing you to pick your vibe according to your mood. In this area you will be able to visit the iconic whitewashed houses of stunning Santorini and the highest peak in the Cyclades: Mount Zas in Naxos – believed to be the birthplace of Zeus.

  1. The Corfu Trail

Established in 2001, the Corfu Trail has become something of a pilgrimage when it comes to Greece walking tours. This 220-kilometre route allows you to bypass the resorts and tourism which has become synonymous with this island and experience the natural beauty it still has to offer. This island has a hugely varied landscape that is rarely explored to its fullest by the thousands of visitors who come to its shores each year. You can escape the crowds and discover Corfu’s fragrant olive groves, stunning beaches, craggy gorges and beautiful juniper dunes on this paradisiacal walking trail.

  1. Ancient Athens and Hydra

No trip to Greece is complete without a visit to the historic city of Athens. Here you can wonder at the famous Parthenon and the Acropolis and witness the ancient Olympic Stadium with your own eyes. A ferry ride from Athens can take you to the car-free rocky island of Hydra – a destination practically designed for walkers.

  1. Pindos National Park

With spellbinding monasteries sat atop rocky cliffs, and one of the world’s deepest gorges – Vikos Gorge – a walking trip through Pindos National Park really is a feast for the eyes. Top that with a landscape full to the brim with lakes, mountains, peaks and flowers this truly is a paradise for walkers. With parts of this area claiming UNESCO World Heritage status, its unspoilt beauty is luckily set to be preserved for many years to come.

  1. Explore Crete

Although Crete is another island known for its droves of tourists, a walking tour again provides a unique opportunity to go off the beaten track and experience lush greenery and dramatic gorge walks. This beautiful island has so much more to offer when you delve a little deeper.

A walking tour in Greece is sure to provide unparalleled opportunities for adventure and a trip whose memories will last a lifetime.