An RV is a portable mobile home that enables its occupants to travel long distance with all the comforts of home. They are an excellent alternative to hotels and allow much more flexibility when travelling with family or friends. Renting an RV is a fun way of spending time on vacation with the people who matter and adding some extra enjoyment to your road trip.

  • Cost Effective

The majority road side hotels and restaurants are not great places to stop and use during your trip, an RV gives you the option of cooking and sleeping in your own area without having to pay for mediocre meals or bedsits. Driving an RV gives you the chance to stop at remote locations and spend the night surrounded by nature, it also puts you closer to parks and other sites which gives you more time to enjoy new attractions.

  • Adjustable Sleeping Quarters

An RV can sleep anywhere from two to eight people depending on the size and model of the vehicle. If you are travelling with a large group it can be expensive to rent rooms, and with an RV you do not have to worry about monitoring young children as they will be sleeping in different hotel rooms. There is also the option of setting up the tent outside the vehicle which provides even more space and some privacy for adults travelling with friends or older kids.

  • Accessories

RV’s are equipped with a number of accessories such as:

  • Fridges
  • Sinks
  • Stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Basic cooking utensils
  • Tents

These accessories are brilliant for enjoying the great outdoors, you can stop your RV at any camping area, and start to cook a delicious meal in minutes. Your food is freshly stored on-board and you have the option of preparing food for a BBQ, which the kids will really enjoy. Having to find a local diner than serves tasty food can be difficult when you are unfamiliar with the area, so having the option of cooking for yourself is a huge benefit.

  • Deals & Promotions

There are vehicle rental companies who give deals on RV relocations when they need to transport vehicles to other destinations or garages. If you visit their websites you may come across promotions where you can hire an RV for an extremely low price once you drive it to the company’s desired location.

  • The Ability to Change

Renting an RV means you are not restrictedby your hotel bookings, you do not have to plan a fixed route to include your accommodation and you can choose to sleep at any campsite you wish. Having flexibility is great for adapting to change, for example, an issue may arise where you cannot visit a particular attraction due to adverse weather conditions. If you have booked a hotel you are stuck in that area for a number of days, but renting an RV gives you the freedom to simply move on to the next attraction.

Renting an RV provides flexibility and comfort at an affordable price, it is a cheap and effective way to get out and see the countryside without leaving you penniless.