As all know that the travel is the best use of leisure time. You can double your enjoyment by making a plan of abroad. Be careful while visiting the foreign country. Because you will get whole new experience of different people and places. From the past few months I was writing about the destinations and the attractions of particular destinations. This article is about the safety tips you should carry out during foreign tour. Here are some tips and suggestions you should keep in mind while travelling your own country or overseas.

1.Clutch all the important documents with you like passport, driving license, credit cards, tickets and whatever that you believe that can be important. But not those you can’t afford to lost.

2.Bring a secret or hidden wallet with you for carrying your important documents like identification and valuable documents.

3.If possible keep a Smartphone with you by the Smart device it is easily possible to find you in the case you forget the way in the forest or any dangerous place.

4.Be with your luggage until the luggage is checked or placed at the safe place.

5.Carry general medicines with the correct labels because in some countries the particular medical are outlawed. Also carry on the basic medical information of yours like blood group and allergies and translate this information in the local language where you visit.

6.If you have travel insurance then always keep the copy of your insurance paper with you and a copy at home which accessible for your family members in necessary.

7. Keep your essential phone numbers in two different places. Take the phone number by which you can cancel your credit card, phone number of the hotel where you staying, number of close friends and family members who can help you in any trouble.

8.Never show up your money in public and use the reputed company for exchange currency.

9.If you are travelling with the children then bring newly updated photograph of the child in the case when you separate from them.

10.Try not to talk about your travel plans, accommodation information with the strangers or in public place.

11.You should take an alternate plan with regular schedule of destinations and transportation.

12.Try to take only one credit card because in the case of stolen you can decrease your loss.

13.In the case your cell phone doesn’t work in the foreign country try to renting another one which can work during your trip.

14.Do not wear the clothes in the public which have your name tags. Use only that car on rental which must be by the reputed company with the license. Avoid the unmarked taxi.

15.Fluctuate your schedule and not use the same timing for come and go. Not wear jewelry any expensive ornaments in different country. Take my suggestion and leave your jewelry at your home is better idea.

These are few tips on travelling in foreign country but while visiting America you can take help of good travel company and stay with the Clarion Virginia Beach.