Would you like to visit Russia anytime soon? Or do you want to send a parcel to any of its states this coming holiday? You might want to read this article to the end. If you will not able to make it down to Russia due to some reasons, you can try Parcel ABC out any time of the day at an affordable price to send your parcels. All you’ve been reading and hearing about Russia is actually true; it’s more like entering a new world of adventure, the architecture is superb, and so is the food and magnificent art. However, while considering Russia as your next cool spot for the next holiday, you may want to learn a bit about some roadblocks to pay attention to for travelers. Below are a few travel tips that’ll help you get rid of any hassle;

Make sure to keep your travel receipts and register your Visa

On getting to Russia, it’s important that you make your way quickly to where visa registration is being done because you might get into trouble when your vacation is over. Registration is quite easy, all that is required of you is to provide your passport and registration documents to the attendants that welcome you at your hotel. They already know what to do and how to go about your registration. If you won’t be staying in a place throughout period of your vacation, make sure to keep your train tickets safe. According to the Country’s law, there may not be a need for you to register your visa if you won’t be staying over three days.

Get familiar with the Cyrillic letters

There might have been a lot of rumors going about on this; you really do not have to learn the Russian language before you can go there for visitation, but you may want to learn some basic words and recognize few of their letters. You may not come across anyone who speaks English, so you have to get yourself familiar with basic signs in Russia. Once you’ve been able to get yourself a good map, you’ll get better with time at matching the Cyrillic letters to your different destinations.

Use the metro

Most of the time, a lot of people do not always want to make use of the metro systems around. You do not want to come to Russia and go back without seeing all the beauty that lies within and underground. The scene is an intriguing one, don’t miss it!

Winter will make you freeze

It’s advisable that you visit Russia between May and August. This is because the temperature is very low during winter and you may not enjoy yourself to the fullest if you have to stay indoors all day. Summer and springtime are the best to enjoy the holidays in Russia.

Passports and Camera aren’t to be given out

You’re not allowed to give out your passport or Camera while in Russia, except for the person handling your visa registration. If anyone walks up to you saying your Camera will be confiscated, simply reply with ‘No’ and move on.