In the Mongolian language, the meaning of the word Urumqi is beautiful pasturelands.  The tour packages include the day tour to the Heavenly lake, the day tour to southern pasturelands, the day tour to Turpan and the city tour of Urumqi

Urumqi tour is filled with fun, excitement and frolic.  One will surely appreciate the scenery and exotic experience of tradition and culture. The vibrant atmosphere and lively places that one visits are something that is worth remembering for a lifetime.

If you wish to etch memories for life with your close family and friends, then Xinjiang Tour is something that one should definitely venture for.

The ideal place to start your tour is Urumqi and travelers are surely going to enjoy the landscapes and beauty.  The capital of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region is Urumqi.   The foot of the Tianshan mountains on the eastern section and the southeastern part of Jungar basin has an arid climate.  The place is habited by the Mongolian tribes not to forget the tribes of Uygur, Han and Kazak.  There are more than forty nationalities and it covers a population of over one and half million. Check this site for more information;

Facts about Urumqi

The best Urumqi Tours covers the historical richness and heritage of Urumqi.  This capital city is a perfect emerald jewel that is located in the foot of the Tianshan mountains.  With more than fifty minority ethnic groups to boast about, it is a graceful prairie city and one of the most important stops along the ancient Silk road.  It leads to Central Asia as well as Europe. To know more about this prairies, visit Urumqi Tours

The city is centred around the Bogda peak which is snow capped and on the Eastern side there is a magnanimous Salt lake which rolls down to the Southern Hill which has beautiful pine trees.  One can enjoy the alternating sand dunes and fields. The Zunggar Basin has sand dunes to the northwest.  As compared to autumn and spring, the summer and winter is longer. The most enjoyable season to make your trip memorable and happy and hassle-free are the months of May to October.  The flowers and fruits bloom and there is lush growth of grapes and melons. The temperature varies widely during daytime and nighttime and hence it makes sense that you start your travel only during the noon time.  Days are very hot and so you may not want to venture out.  You can speak to your tour guide who would be the best possible person to advise you.

Ten worthwhile activities in Urumqi

Urumqi boasts of varied landscapes and colorful folk culture.  The tourists undoubtedly are going to enjoy the snow clad mountains, forests and pastures.  The varied activities that one can venture out are skiing, horse riding and so on.  The Kazak people and the Uygur tribes are ethnic groups and they make sure to provide maximum entertainment by way of dance performances, providing traditional food to the tourists.  This is something that the tourists are going to enjoy and hence you may want to plan well in advance.