Are you planning your next vacation and are you going to spend a relaxing time in an elegant and trendy place? The style of a place is not expressed only in the shops, in the streets and in the showrooms that you will find around. There are also some facilities, such as boutique hotelsin Italy, which represent a real point of departure and arrival of a journey.

Wake up to furniture designed by famous designers or walk into rooms used for social events. Inside a boutique hotel you can breathe the air of innovation but at the same time respect the culture, the antiquity and the places where the structure itself is born.

Inside the boutique hotels, the renovation is often carried out by famous architects who are able to give new life to old buildings, enriching them with avant-garde design and bright colors.

Moreover, every room and every room usually has a different style and often every room hosts different works of art inside it. In many cases the atmosphere is reminiscent of a fairytale castle, with a neo-romantic style and interiors as well as retro-style furnishings revisited in a modern way. The theme of fairy tales is also repeated in the rooms which all have taylor-made furnishings combined with high-tech equipment.

If you intend to visit the Piedmont region and you are looking for one of the best boutique hotels in the area, our advice is to choose Elvezia, a boutique hotel in the province of VerbanioCusioOssola which represents a real pearl for architectural beauty and naturalistic heritage surrounding.

Choosing this structure among the many boutique hotels in Italy means wanting to live an absolutely unique experience of its kind, above all for the terrace overlooking the incredible panorama of Lake Maggiore. Here you can also devote yourself to an excellent wine tasting or relax in one of the eight rooms provided by the structure.

In every environment of the Elvezia boutique hotel the white walls alternate with others in stone maintained by the original structure. The furniture, in neutral and refined tones, gives all the rooms an elegant and sober appearance that creates an interesting contrast with the beauty of the surrounding area.

Remaining in the North of Italy, another absolutely noteworthy boutique hotel is without a doubt Zenana, a structure in Trentino Alto Adige immersed in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Tre Cime.

Here, in this building built in 1753 and used as a laboratory in the 1800s for the production of gloves, today stands a boutique hotel with the typical sloping roof of the Alpine buildings with a wooden balcony that surrounds the entire structure.

The extremely familiar atmosphere that you will find inside the Zenana Boutique Hotel will allow you to feel at home. A rich breakfast is served in an elegant common room, but room service can be requested. The few rooms available to guests, nine in all, are all very large, bright and furnished with light furniture that give brightness and a canopy bed that recalls the taste of ancient and traditional things.